• پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator
  • پکیج M.E. Town Creator


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ورژن (ها) 1.0
مورد نیاز Unity 5.2.0 or higher
قیمت اصلی 17.5 دلار
طراح Aquarius Max
حجم پکیج 75.21 مگابایت
منبع مشاهده منبع

پکیج M.E. Town Creator

پکیج M.E. Town Creator

پکیج M.E. Town Creator (منبع) از طراحی های شرکت Aquarius Max می باشد که با قیمت ۱۷.۵ دلار در Asset Store یونیتی منتشر شده است.


در این پکیج یک محیط آماده در سبک Medieval را مشاهده می کنید که شامل اشیا مختلفی نظیر انواع خانه ها، انواع حصارها، شمع، میز، صندلی و … می باشد.


با استفاده از مدل های موجود در این پکیج می توانید محیط های آماده ای در سبک Medieval ایجاد نمایید.


سایت پکیج های یونیتی به عنوان نخستین سایت ایرانی اقدام به انتشار این پکیج با ارزش نموده است. شما عزیزان می توانید این پکیج را به صورت کاملا رایگان از سایت پکیج های یونیتی دانلود نمایید.


توضیحات زبان اصلی

۳۰% off now through the Summer!

(Medieval Environments) Town Creator, is the first part of my newest series. The “M.E.” series will consist of many Fantasy Environments, Structures, and Props to help you kick start your projects or games!

This kit allows you to create fully walk-able Medieval Houses wall for wall! Each wall piece measures 4x4m and can be easily snapped together using “grid” or “vertex” snapping. Every house model shown in screenshots and included in this package, have been pre-built (wall for wall) in the Unity editor! So take them apart or modify them as you choose, or create your own custom designs!

M.E. Town Creator allows you to build fully modular houses to walk in and out of as you choose. As well as a great assortment of town and furniture pieces to spruce up your scenes! Best suited for First Person or Top Down Styles!

Come see the Second package in the Series: M.E. Castle Creator

This package includes a total of *362* Modular Prefabs to use for your games or projects!

This kit features only 2 main Textures at 2048×2048 resolution. With 1 alternate Housing Texture. Specular, Occlusion, and Normals included. (Version 1.25: now adding 2 new housing texture variants, for more variety of house looks!) One of my demo scenes included below to play (Town Demo), uses only 1 texture for the entire scene. This is a great way to minimize draw calls, and save with batching! 90% of all prefabs share only 1 texture, and can be textured with the alternate “Building_Map” for a darker more rich wooden look! This goes for mostly all Housing pieces, along with every piece located in the “Town” folder can have the alternate applied, almost doubling the amount of prefabs included in this package using both textures!

Here’s whats included: (showing folders in order of package)
(All objects and walls are 2-sided.)


-۲۸ Total House Modules!
-۸ Furnished houses. (4 top down view-able)
-۲ Large module examples, 1 with furnished houses, 1 without.
-۷ Town houses, larger houses with multiple floors.
-۹ Village and Farm houses, mostly 1 floor, some with wooden materials applied. Barn and Watermill module included as another example.


-۱۹ Beams and support beams, great for creating decks or houses on stilts, or for dressing your plain walls up with better detail.
-۲ housing window extensions.
-۸ Floors, 4 for bottom floor, 4 for upper floors with detail underneath the prefabs.
-۲ Detailed roofs, with support beams on interiors, great for creating outside barns and farm structures.
-۲۸ Roofs and pieces for modular roofing construction for you houses.
-۴۲ Furniture Items. This consists of: Beds, Chairs, Bookshelves, Dressers, Tables, Stools, Shelves, Carpets, and Nightstands.
-۳ Candles unlit.
-۴ Chimney and Fireplace prefabs.
-۱۰۷ Modular housing Walls! Consisting of: Plain walls, window walls, door walls, support walls, many different types of each, along with the 3 types of Plaster, Wood, and Stone walls.


-۱۵ Lit objects. These are made up of Candles with flame particle effect, along with shadow enabled point lights. And Lanterns with candles inside creating the proper effect of lantern light to light up your scenes! The “glass” like look on the lanterns is the same texture applied to some of the one sided windows featured in this package. These have an emission shader applied, for a better glow effect in your scene!


-۱۱ Fences: picket, and standard types.
-۱۲ Wooden platforms and Docks.
-۲ Wooden doors for houses. Able to fit in both wall styles included.
-۱۷ Lanterns and posts: Standard Lanterns, lanterns on posts, hanging, with chains.
-۸ Misc supplies: 2 Wells, 2 cart wheels, 2 Windmill wheels, 2 water troughs.
-۲۵ Crates and Barrels, and grouped prefabs.
-۱۴ Stairs and Ladders for interior and exterior support of house models and towns.
-۴ Outhouse variants.

This package includes 2 Demo scenes, just drag and drop your character wherever in the scene and enjoy! Also playable below: (any trees in demos not included in this package at this time.)
Click the link below to take you to my Demos page on my website, and choose the M.E. Web Demos to play them as they become available: Aquarius Max Demo Portfolio

I hope you enjoy this package, and keep a look out for the next M.E. packs in the series! Please give a rating or review if you like it!

پکیج M.E. Town Creator

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