پکیج InfiniGRASS - Next Gen Interactive Volume Grassپکیج InfiniGRASS – Next Gen Interactive Volume Grass

پکیج InfiniGRASS – Next Gen Interactive Volume Grass یکی از بهترین و جالب ترین پکیج های یونیتی در زمینه ی طراحی انواع Terrain های جالب و زیبا در یونیتی می باشد که توسط شرکت ARTnGame (Nasos T.) طراحی شده است و با قیمت ۵۰ دلار در Asset Store یونیتی به فروش می رسد.

InfiniGrass یک سیستم بهینه و بسیار قوی در زمینه ی نقاشی انواع چمن ها و Prefab ها می باشد که اجازه می دهد نسل جدیدی از کاشتن حجمی از چمن در هر سطحی را داشته باشید و بتوانید در هر سطحی انواع گیاهان را ایجاد نمایید.

چمن ها برای بهینه تر شدن و کاهش استفاده از CPU توسط سیستم هایی نظیر Auto Grouping، LOD و Batching کنترل می شوند.


قیمت اصلی این پکیج ۶۰ دلار می باشد که برای زمان محدود از ۶۰ دلار به ۵۰ دلار کاهش قیمت پیدا کرده است.



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توضیحات زبان اصلی

InfiniGRASS is a robust grass and prefab painting and optimization system, which allows very detailed next gen grass to be placed in mass quantities on any surface. The grass is controlled for performance with auto grouping, batching and LOD systems that minimize CPU usage, reduce draw calls and enable dynamic options like stepping on grass or making it grow.

Lower price for a limited time !!!
(Normal price $60)
InfiniGRASS v1.5 Forest Demo
InfiniGRASS Demo InfiniGRASS Demo with Sky Master v3.0

InfiniGRASS v1.5 features:
Local temporal interaction shader option for grass interaction with near zero performance hit
Slope and height control for mass planting
New grass performance options, e.g original mesh elimination
New tree brush and more grass brushes
Per grass type rescaling option
Grass Vertex coloration by ground texture for best adaptation & variety in mesh ground
Gravity shader for emulating grass breakage due to its own weight
Mobile shader, for Shader Model 2.0 systems
New snow growth controls & options

InfiniGRASS v1.4 features:
Grab real time painted grass for editing & save with scene.
Brush settings can be saved for each brush for later use, or in mass placement
Player can be defined with tag & be updated in real time
New interactive grass controls & options
Extended LOD & Fade controls
Multiple material control per brush
New Grass rescale & randomization options
New grass & fence types (branch, moss, leaf bed, realistic fence)

InfiniGRASS v1.3 features:
Mass creation of grass, based on weighted terrain splat textures
Gradual grass growth as the hero moves around the map
Real time grass removal and regrowth based on hero distance
Ability to add icons for custom brushes in the inspector
Global scale parameter, to easilly adjust brushes for the desired world scale​

InfiniGRASS v1.2 features:
Unity Editor grass painting speed enchancement. Previewing grass in the Unity Editor will now be as fast as the in game performance. Painting speed has also been enchanced and proper brush settings are set automatically.
Object follow mode. Grass may follow the translation/rotation of the object it is painted on.
Two extra LOD stages added, for better control of ultra detailed items
Many extra brushes added.Rocks & mushrooms (setup with the new LOD system), ground leaves and wild grass.
Grass scaling based on Unity Terrain splat maps (with weights for smooth transitions from tall to short grass)
Tint and specularity/translucency effects are now applied per grass type, for more control over each brush look
Various enchancements and performance tweaks (added option to avoid hiting grass own collider while planting, added option to randomize brush rotation)

Features (v1.0)
Create grass of high detail with any shape and material on any surface, in both Unity editor and while playing the game.
Unlimited amount of grass can be placed on a map, the LOD system will make sure draw calls remain low at all times.
Smooth shader fade option in LOD and cutoff distances
Total control over performance, with adjustable LOD, grouping and batching systems and compete freedom in grass definition and shading.
Dynamic grass possibilities. Use any motion or script on grass, only limited by concurrence.
Grow grass in play mode and paint it on any surface with a static collider.
Interaction of grass with scene objects, e.g. throw items to level grass.
Static and dynamic batching, for best performance in each use case.
Spectacular shadows, lighting and grass density
Dynamic snow growth on grass
Complete integration with Sky Master ULTIMATE v3.0, for best lighting, snow coverage control and water combination.
Global Wind simulation with per grass type weighting for total control
Translucent lighting emulation
Powerful grass editor, with complete control over painted grass properties.
Fence creation system, with automatic batching for maximized performance (working in both play mode and Unity editor)
Rocks and other prefabs placement system
Extensive collection of ready to use preset grass brushes.
The system can also be used as a general 3D decal system, the grass is just one of the many possible applications.
Rocks can be painted on top of each other to create various constructs.
Special grass placement controls, for reducing unnecessary detail and adapting grass to the environment.

The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided.

If you have any requests for new features or feedback please visit the Unity forum thread.

For support, contact me via [Facebook] [E-mail] More info on the official website


Publisher: ARTnGame (Nasos T.) | Unity 5.1.1 or higher | Price: $50



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