Movement Animset Pro 1.25 (پکیج Movement Animset Pro 1.25 نسخه ی پیشرفته ی پکیج Movement Animset Pro Lite 1.1 می باشد که توسط شرکت Kubold طراحی شده است و با قیمت ۴۵ دلار (۱۳۵۰۰۰ تومان) در Asset Store یونیتی به فروش می رسد.
در این پکیج بیش از ۱۲۰ انیمیشن با حالت های مختلف موجود می باشد.
انواع انیمیشن هایی که در این پکیج موجود می باشند عبارتند از:
– ایستادن
– قدم زدن
– دویدن
– پریدن
– افتادن
– مردن

 This is a complete set of over ۱۲۰ motion capture animations and a super-realistic, “drag and drop” character controller 

Update 1.4 includes various game mechanics for doors, elevators etc., smoother motion and more. 

The controller requires PlayMaker. 

If you don’t use PlayMaker, you can still use all ۱۲۹ FBX format, motion captured animations to build your own controller!

You can build a seamless third person perspective character movement for your game. The animations are universal, so you can use them for any setting you like – SciFi, Fantasy etc. This package also includes aPlayMaker controller and a MECANIM graph, so you can just drag and drop the character on any level and play. The controller also includes a cool, anti-wall clipping camera and a X360 Gamepad support.

Web Player – v.1.4 of INCLUDED CONTROLLER 

Video – the included controller  Video 1 – 1.0 animations list  Video 2 – additional update 1.2 animations list  www – support page, tutorials etc. 

This package consists of over 120 animations from which you can make game mechanics for: 

– Standing  – Walking  – Running  – Crouching / Sneaking  – Jumping  – Falling  – Interactions (button pushing, picking up objects etc.)  – Fist fighting  – Deaths and knockdowns

It also contains:  – Skinned model of a modern day soldier (26,536 tris, 13,813 verts)  – Skinned model of a dummy, to preview animations 

——————–  Click for list of animations

Make sure you install to fresh Unity Project, with fresh PlayMaker installed and check the HowToInstall.txt inside the package!

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